Easy Presentation With Emacs And Reveal.js

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Easy Presentation With Emacs And Reveal.js

Easy Presentation With Emacs And Reveal.js

Recently I had to prepare a presentation for a workshop. I knew that org-mode of Emacs could be used for presentations as well, but I hadn't tried it yet. After some research, I decided to go with org-reveal, which can generate very nice online presentations.

I already had Emacs and org-mode installed. If you don't have org-mode version 8.0 or later (check it with M-x org-version), you should update it. You can do it like this:

  1. Go to the list of packages: M-x package-list-packages
  2. Find the package org: C-s org
  3. Go to it and press <Enter>
  4. Install it by clicking on [Install]

To install org-reval, we first get it from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/yjwen/org-reveal.git

Then we need to copy ox-reveal.el to the org-mode installation directory. In my case, I did it like this:

cp org-reveal/ox-reveal.el ~/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20141124/

At the begining of the org file I set some REVEAL options like these:

#+TITLE:     Building Our Website on GitHub With Jekyll
#+AUTHOR:    Dashamir Hoxha
#+EMAIL:     dashohoxha@gmail.com
#+DATE:      2015-01-28
#+REVEAL_ROOT: http://cdn.jsdelivr.net/reveal.js/2.5.0/
#+REVEAL_TRANS: linear

You can also see how the whole org file looks like: github-website.org

To wake-up org-reveal, type M-x load-library, then type ox-reveal. To export the org file into Reveal.js presentation, type C-c C-e R R. The resulting HTML file looks like this: http://dashohoxha.fs.al/github-website/

For more details about configuration options of org-reveal see:

Date: 2014-01-27

Author: Dashamir Hoxha

Created: 2019-01-24 Thu 05:13

Emacs 25.1.1 (Org mode 8.2.10)


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